PPE in manufacturing: It’s your responsibility. We’re here to help.

Feb 8 2023 2:27PM

PPE in manufacturing: It’s your responsibility. We’re here to help.

There are many hazards in manufacturing but having the right personal protective equipment (PPE) can significantly reduce the risk of harm. Employers are legally required to provide, maintain and store appropriashutterte PPE and provide instructions in its use. Employees are legally required to follow these instructions. But, sadly, the actions of both employers and employees often fall short of the what’s required.

There are many reasons for this. Sometimes it’s negligence. Sometimes simple ignorance. Maybe potential hazards haven’t been properly identified. Possibly protective clothing is a poor fit, uncomfortable or impractical to work in. Respirators might be available but they’re the wrong type, protecting against particulates but doing nothing about noxious fumes. Perhaps finances are stretched and you’re trying to make do with worn or damaged PPE. But whatever the reasons, there are no valid justifications. The law is clear.

Making the right choices

Of course, health and safety is just one of many things manufacturers need to take seriously. On top of securing new business, ensuring orders are delivered on time, maintaining equipment, sourcing raw materials, controlling costs, recruiting, training, financing investments and every other task, are they also expected to have expertise in the details of which items of PPE are appropriate for which workplace hazard? It’s a lot to ask. Won’t a standard hard-hat do the job? It’s adjustable, cheap and cheerful?

Well, unfortunately, possibly not.

Last year we published an article about gloves. Cutting a long story short, the way protective gloves are tested and categorised has changed. From April this year, gloves tested under the old regime will no longer be good enough.

Now PPE and the standards that govern its use is one of our specialisms. We understand all the intricate details that go into making gloves suitable for the various hazards out there, but it can seem complicated and confusing. And let’s not mince words, if you get the wrong glove, you could be waving goodbye to a digit or two. And no, that’s not meant as a cheap pun. It can happen.

Trust us, we know PPE

When we posted that article, we made it as simple as we could, but we were aiming it at a wide audience. We knew we’d have readers who were in construction, healthcare, agriculture, education – all sectors including manufacturing. And we recommended that anyone with a specific query shouldn’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d give them the right advice on what they needed for the hazards they face.

We are a supplier of PPE with an outstanding range of quality products, but we’re more than that. We’re a source of advice you can trust. And that’s true whatever the hazards are in your manufacturing operation. Our goal is to keep our customers safe and smart. That means we’ll deliver the right PPE, not simply the first option we see on our shelves.

And while that might sound like a costly option for you, it isn’t. The right PPE can help save money. It’s more comfortable so workers are more productive. Less time is lost through absenteeism, illness or injury. We can also help with documentation, training and pinpointing hazards.

What’s more, we can target the PPE you need, making sure it reaches the right employee quickly and simply. Our Personal Pack system can make sure that Danny gets the Hi-Viz waterproofs and Alisha gets the perfect vented safety goggles. In full, on time, so you stay on the right side of the legislation, and they stay safe.

To sum up, PPE is essential and while it can seem complicated, we can make it easy.

If you’d like to learn more, just get in touch .