The secure, sustainable solution for tired workwear and PPE

Dec 1 2022 4:45PM

The secure, sustainable solution for tired workwear and PPE


Even the best quality workwear has a finite life. Eventually, it stops protecting. What’s more,tired old gear doesn’t support your precious brand image. So, when the end comes, what’s the answer? Landfill?

No one wants to see that. The world shouldn’t be a rubbish tip and resources are just too precious. Can your business afford to risk its logos and branding, out there, dumped or resold? What about your identity – your uniforms and kit, falling into the wrong hands, compromising security or even endangering the public?

The simple solution

There is a very simple answer. Secure textile recycling.

We’re offering a new service that’s in complete alignment with our commitment to sustainability. It also recognises that there can be security considerations when disposing of workwear and uniforms. The process is UK-based and tightly controlled with all the auditing and rigour you’d expect – but it’s also very easy to make use of.

In brief, we provide sacks for end-of-life textiles and containers for the sacks, sized to suit. Then on a scheduled date, the sacks are collected, very discreetly in non-branded vehicles. Your security is always respected. You get the certification you need, confirmation that the materials are recycled and that you’ve done the right thing. 

The garments will be completely destroyed. While that might sound negative, when talking about garments it’s what you need. By taking everything back to fibres, your branding and security are protected. What happens next depends on the make-up of the original garment. If possible it will become part of a new garment. The fibres could also be used in geo-textiles, acoustic insulation and other building products. If the materials can’t be used in this way, they won’t end up in landfill. They will be used for energy generation. 

All round benefits

There are clear benefits for the planet. Recycling in this way helps to save water and reduce carbon emissions. And when the end products insulate buildings, the benefits keep piling up. If you’re keen to make your business greener, this is an effortless way to start. After all, if we can drop workwear into a laundry basket, we can drop it into one of our containers. 

When we do so, we get important feedback on our contribution to a more sustainable future. The certification supplied can help the achievement of important accreditations like ISO 14001 or even help to secure new business. That tired old sweatshirt isn’t rubbish. It really can make a difference.

This is a simple solution to end-of-life textiles that works for both you and the planet. If you’d like to learn more, just get in touch.