Workwear and PPE are crucial for safe aviation and shipping. Here’s why.

Apr 25 2023 2:17PM

Engineers looking at an engine

Imagine the potential consequences of mechanical failure in either the aviation or shipping industries.

Sorry, it’s not something anyone wants to contemplate, but we must. Indeed, in these sectors, strict operating procedures and protocols are designed to minimise the risk of problems. Such industries are highly regulated, and strict adherence to safety standards ensures the well-being of everyone involved – ground staff, pilots, cabin crew and passengers in aviation; onshore staff, the entire ship’s company and passengers in the marine industries.

With attention to detail critical throughout, workwear and personal protective equipment (PPE) must also be appropriate to the environment and the task. What you wear to do a job can often be a determiner of how well a job can be done. The correct workwear and PPE are important to ensure the safety – not just of the wearer – but of everyone involved in, or in contact with, these industries.

Hazards, comfort and professionalism
In both shipping and aviation, personnel may be exposed to hazards including chemicals, extremes of temperature or weather, electric shock, sharp objects, noise and other potential risks. By wearing the correct workwear and PPE, employees can minimize the risk of injury and avoid the potentially life-threatening consequences that can arise from workplace accidents.

Another factor is the potential for exposure to infectious or contagious diseases. In confined spaces, the right PPE and protective clothing provide a valuable defence against the spread of disease.

The importance of comfort shouldn’t be underestimated either. Aviation and shipping personnel often work long hours in challenging conditions. Appropriate workwear and PPE can help mitigate some of the discomfort, protecting wearers from the elements, and making it easier for them to perform their duties safely and promptly.

Another important reason for the use of appropriate workwear and PPE in these industries is to maintain a professional appearance. In an industry where customer service and satisfaction are crucial, how employees dress, and the equipment they use, can have a significant impact on customer perception. Professional-looking workwear helps employees project a positive image and conveys an air of competence. This can enhance customer confidence and contribute to a positive customer experience.

Get it right to keep people safe
In aviation and shipping, industries where safety is a key consideration, the right workwear and PPE is far more than a nice-to-have. It’s both an important safety measure and an indicator of professionalism. It’s certainly not a case where any old coverall and work glove will do.

At Knights, we have an in-depth knowledge of workwear, PPE and industry specific hazards. If you’d like our help with selecting the right protective equipment, get in touch right now. Whatever your industry, safety measures shouldn’t be delayed.

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