Speedywall Starter Kit, White

Speedywall Starter Kit, White

Product Code: WS131277

Product Details

  • Speedywall modular screening sytem
  • Starter Kit
  • White polypropylene
  • Fast to deloy screening system
  • Lightweight but heavy duty
  • Needs no skilled trades
  • Endless configurations - easy to setup - simple as Lego!
  • Flame Retardent properties
  • Contents List;
    • 93x Corner Connector - Use 3 Corner Connectors to create any right angled corner
    • 36x Cross Connector - Use 3 Cross Connectors any time you need to connect 4 panels together
    • 59x Tee Connector - Use 3 Tee Connectors any time you need to join a panel to a straight wall or to add in a wall support for extra stability
    • 138x Straight Connector - Used whenever you are running straight walls or for joining the door supports to the top of the wall panels
    • 6x Door Support - Use with 2 straight connectors to bridge across the door opening
    • 6x Wall Support - Use with 3 Tee or Cross Connectors to give a straight wall extra support
    • 26x Wall Panel - The main component in the screening kit
    • 26x Wall Panel Base - Simple clip on base to give the wall panel stability


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