First Base 3 Beanie Cap

First Base 3 Beanie Cap

Product Code: HP23BEAN

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Product Details

  • The First Base 3 Beanie bump protection cap integrates a more fashionable element to protective headwear.
  • Giving workers a choice of bump cap styles has been observed to have a direct influence on the level of acceptance and actual use; helping to ensure there is less concern those workers may bump or lacerate their scalp


  • EN 812: A1

Key features:

  • Flexible ABS protective shell guards against bumps and lacerations to the head
  • Stylish and practical cap design ensure high levels of wearer adoption and acceptance
  • Elasticated knitted acrylic beanie cap provides a universal fit to a wide range of head sizes
  • Fleece lined inner ensures workers remain warm
  • High performance sweat band absorbs and wicks moisture away quickly
  • Sides can cover the ear for warmth or be folded up for ventilation
  • Short peak (45 mm) design enhances upward vision